Indigo Rising


My Indigo entry for my Rainbow badge challenge. A dragon flying upward.

Hello all. I’ve been stripping out my studio area, so have had to catch up on this entry over 2 days. I may have more to do, so if I get behind with monitoring entries, don’t worry. I’ll get to you all in the end!

Anyway, for Indigo, I wanted to attempt to do the lightning effect I did with Blue Lightning but with better quality. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it isn’t any better, but I tried…

The main subject is the dragon flying upward. Ive used both true indigo and ‘electric’ or purple indigo to do this. I’ve noticed all of my entries have been consistently portrait, and some have perspective effects, so I’ve done the same here to maintain that consistency.

I did the highlights differently using a 0.7mm Posca paint pen I’ve recently brought. The pen is rather nice to use and is smooth. One thing that wasn’t smooth though was my level of motivation… You may or may not be able to notice that by looking at this, but doing this without being in good spirits was rather tough.

Either way, I wish you a great week ahead, and look out for the final main colour of the challenge. Cheers all. Enjoy!

The next entry colour is “Violet”. Stay tuned and stay inspired with me everyone!

Wondering what this #rainbowbadgechallenge is? Click on this link to see the rules (in English) :

🇩🇪 German translation is also available here: 🇩🇪

I normally post every Monday, but as I’m doing this challenge, my next entry may be posted on Tuesday instead. Cheers!

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