Ice Wolf Howling Sketch

Hello all. I’ve not been very well this past week, I’ve been suffering a bit with jaw cramps this time. However, I’m recovering slowly.

I didn’t do any blog drawings, so I thought that I’d do just a quick last minute sketch in watercolour pens. I brought them recently and they’re really nice to doodle around with.


The sketch itself is of a wolf howling. I wanted to do some decorative elements around my drawing to add some kick into my design, but these effects look a tad tackier than I anticipated… I am disappointed slightly overall, but this is just a last minute sketch, and I’m not on top form at the moment, so I can forgive myself to some degree.

Additionally, I used cold tones (blues, greens and purples) though the wash effects have less colour in this photograph more than in the actual sketch.

I may revisit this design later on and see if I can bump it up a notch. Until then, enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you next time.

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