Birdmas: 3 to 12

Hello all. Today is officially the last day of Birdmas. I’ve been so busy in this challenge supporting people on G+ that I haven’t had time to upload my work here! But just so you get to see, here are my entries 3 – 12:


3 myths phoenix (coloured pencil)


4 grunge robins (acrylic ink)


5 GOLD STARLINGS!! (watercolour and ink)


6 -drunken- merry penguins (pen ink)


7 action gulls (this one was done as a roughly drafted comic! Graphite pencil)


8 street vultures (wax crayons and ink)


2 big mistakes (done for the 9th day, but I was so disappointed in this one, I gave up and left it as is. Done in watercolour on the right, graphite pencil on the left)


10 rooster warriors (biro pen ink)


11 lively blue tits (Chinese chip colours)


12 magpies (watercolour and ink)

That’s all for today! If you have participated in this challenge, well done! If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and if you want to know what this challenge is all about, please see my earlier posts. Cheers all! See you next time!

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