Birdmas Art Challenge

I challenge all and exclude no one! Feel free to join, see details below!



Hello all! I’m inviting anyone at all to take part with me on this fun drawing and painting challenge I’ve dubbed #Birdmas. It’s a challenge all about drawing or painting birds and is inspired by the Christmas carol ’12 days of Christmas’. The rules are simple and are as follows:

Draw/paint birds for 12 days in December (1 artwork for each day). You can use ANY medium of your choice, and you can choose ANY bird(s) you like for each day. You don’t have to be detailed with your artwork! Each piece can be as basic or as detailed as you like. From silly doodles to final pieces, it doesn’t matter, just have fun with it!

You can draw/paint the birds in 3 ways. Either:

– Draw/paint a bird each day next to the number of the day you are on (e.g, if you’re on the 1st day, draw a bird next to the number 1…. 2nd day, draw a bird next to the number 2).

– Draw/paint as many birds relating to the day you are on 1 sheet of paper (e.g 1 bird on day 1… 2 birds on day 2…. 5 birds on day 5 etc).

– If you find the above ways too challenging or you don’t understand them, you can just draw/paint 1 bird each day for 12 days in your own way.

You can even mix all three methods if you choose. Also, please tag your posts using #birdmas. Challenge starts today but you can start later on in December if you like!

If you don’t want to join or cannot join for whatever reason, that’s fine, you can just watch me do this challenge. But any challengers are highly welcome! Please feel free to reblog and reshare this post around so people get a chance to see this. Also feel free to leave comments! Thanks kindly… Cheers all!

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