Clear As Water (Remembrance)


Hello all. Yesterday, I completed this artwork entitled ‘Clear As Water’ for Remembrance Sunday. Since I only upload posts on Mondays, I thought it best to wait a day and upload it now dispite Remembrance day being yesterday.

This was done using Derivan liquid pencil and ink on paper. For those who do not know what liquid pencil is, it’s a kind of medium that literally looks like liquid graphite. You can paint with it and it dries to a graphite finish. It kind of behaves like watercolour in the way that you can dilute it with water and work with it in washes and layers.

I’ve incorporated a bit of analogy into this piece. I’ve drawn a splash of water along with a poppy made out of water. This is to symbolise how clear we should remember those who have fallen. To strengthen this idea, I’ve written text in ink that reads ‘We will remember them’.

I do hope you enjoy this, and I give my respect to those men and women who have faught for our freedom.

Cheers! See you all next week!


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