Cat statue (Happy Easter)

Hello everyone and happy Easter! Hope you’ve all had a good one. Last week, I had the idea to create a final tribute to my late Wendigo in the form of a garden stone cat ornament painted to replicate him. This will eventually sit in the garden in honour of him. Disclaimer: I did not make the ornament I’m referring to here.


I started the project off by buying this plain stone cat. This would be the ‘canvas’ I would paint on. To decorate it as well as to make it fit enough to be put outside, I had to source the correct paint, primer, and varnish (which was quite difficult to do).

I didn’t want to make any mistakes at this stage as choosing any wrong paints or varnishes could be disastrous. I’m not familiar with painting on stone, so was anxious and desperate to get it right.



This is the statue painted with my choice of primer. At this stage, it worked like a dream! It’s actually a combined primer and undercoat so does two jobs in one. It was a great foundation to start with. It kind of looks like a marble statue like this doesn’t it?



This is painting in process. I used acrylic paint on top of the coats of primer to do this.



And this is the finished statue fully painted and varnished. It turned out ok, some of the varnished peeled here and there which I had to amend, but otherwise, the outcome is fairly good overall in my opinion.

But what do you think? Feel free to comment and say what you think! Cheers, and I’ll see you next time! Once again, happy Easter!

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