Happy mother’s day! Paper Delights

Hello all. Today marks 1 week and 1 day since Wendigo’s death… But the good news is that we’re moving on well and trying to be strong for the others. Since it is mothers day, I’ve decided to take a break from my current project to create a load of gifts for my mum out of paper. Ive loved paper… Ever since I was a kid, and making paper gifts for this mothers day, for me, was a nice way to de stress as well as good for a viable design aesthetic. See below for what I made!



A paper origami cat. This was quite challenging to make as it included some complex folds, but was worth it in the end!



Origami parrot. Just another fun thing to make whilst simultaneously being a therapeutic challenge.




Roses! I had to make some flowers for my mum… It just seemed natural. The method to create these were hard to learn, but once I had the hang of it, was able to make them naturally. Out of shot, I also created some origami lilys and placed all of the created flowers in a paper bouquet.





I managed to also make these paper stars.

These were great fun to make, I simply cut a couple of strips of paper, glued them together to make one long strip, tied one end into a pentagon shaped ‘paper knot’, then wrapped the strip around this knot and tucked it into one side. After that, I pushed my thumbs onto the edges of the resulting pentagon shape to make a puffy 5 sided star as shown above.

They’re great… The process of making them is very therapeutic, they’re nice to hold and feel, and, when made with coloured paper, look very pleasant, almost like sweets! They make wonderful decorations and gifts for mothers day.

I hope you enjoyed looking at what I created for my mum on mothers day, feel free to comment, like, and follow me!

Cheers! I wish you all a great week ahead.


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