Digital Wolf Drawings

Hello again! I mentioned, as part of my character design project, that I was going to produce at least two digital adaptations of the sketches I did last week. And that’s what I did. I took the first and third wolf drawings in particular and drew them with slightly more realistic designs… Just so I could practice more with anatomy and texture. Please see below.

wolf1Wolf 3

I wanted to add some atmosphere with the 1st one, so added some clouds and smoke to give the impression the wolf is standing on a high plateau.

With the 2nd one, I was wanting to give it a better background and some shadow for depth…. but I’m having such a block at the moment that I had no idea what to do on that front… so when I tried doing those, I failed miserably and ran out of patience. I did this as an alternative.

Hope you like them, please feel free to like, comment, and follow me! Cheers and enjoy.


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