Wolf Sketches

Hello all… The ringing in my ears is still here to try and push me out of sync… however, I’m just doing my best to relax and even forget it’s there. Hopefully, me resting and just playing around with some ideas from time to time can give me some strength to fight this thing off for good…

Anyway, I’m now pointing my ‘personal project’ focus towards redesigning Lazfar my alter ago wolf character. I’ve started the ball rolling with these wolf sketches. These are reference inspired, but were ultimately done from imagination.

Green wolf

This rough sketch was done in watercolours, in which I tested a new method of mine I’ve nicknamed ‘Drawing With A Brush’. The idea was to paint this by using a paintbrush as similar as possible to how I would draw with a pen. I used different hues of one colour, with the purpose of experimenting with depth.



I sketched a more detailed wolf’s head, again, just to play around. Both of these are exactly the same design sketched twice in different media. The grey one was sketched using graphite pencils. The red one was painted using cheep poster paint using my new DWAB technique to explore what I can achieve.

I’ll try to make more work based on this theme, and as usual, you’re more than welcome to comment. For now, thanks for looking and I wish you a relaxing Sunday and a good new week (and month) ahead. Cheers everyone!




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