New year’s Wooden Soldier


Hello all and happy new year! Above is a piece I drew entitled ‘New year’s wooden soldier’. It’s graphite on paper.

There is a meaning behind this that lends its roots to the Chinese Zodiac. Its about the New Year, specifically the transition from 2015 to 2016. 2015 is the Chinese year of the wood goat and, 2016, the year of the fire monkey. In this piece, the goat is giving the Monkey a balloon (like the Olympic torch if you will)… to symbolise that life goes on as the new year arrives.

I drew each creature to represent their respective element. (Goat with tree bark and roots and the Monkey as passionate as fire). I’ll be very honest, I’m not very proud of this, its very stiff…but it’s all I could do given how drained I feel tonight.

Thanks everyone, have a marvellous New Year and a good week ahead. Bye for now!



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