Hope and strength

Hope and strength

Alright, tonight I completed a quick spontaneous piece I call “Hope and Strength”. This was completed on canvas in pen ink and something I’ve never tried before from Derwent – Derwent Artbars.

Derwent Artbars are basically water soluble oil pastels (made by the brand) that can be used dry or wet and have a nice, buttery consistency. They are great tools to play around with… In my opinion anyway. Additionally, they really glide across the surface, and that appeals to me a lot.

As for the inspiration behind this spontaneous artwork, its based on a couple of things really…I know a storm known as Abigail has been bad supposedly in Scotland and Northern England (Scotland had flood warnings the last time I knew), and that France has been hit by a terrorist attack… I wanted to do a piece that shows strength and hope through hard times like this, and hopefully, this shows a message relating to being strong throughout anything that comes along.

It looks rather dream like which was unintentional, but I did want to use soft pastel blues, greens and pinks, just to soften the mood overall. The animals have been enduring something, but on the surface, they are ready to receive the reward for being strong… and that’s hope.


To those of you anywhere in the world struggling through a bad time, my message is to try to be strong and overcome the difficulty. For now, my thoughts are with Scotland and France. I do hope things get better.

I hope my art in this instance gives people inspiration and strength. Bye for now all and keep going!


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