Art Society – 100th Annual Exhibition

Hello all.

Our exhibition has been done. In my opinion, the exhibition was bitter sweet for me. It started off really well with the private view, even having a couple of speeches about the foundation of the art society, it is 105 years old, and has put on 100 exhibitions (this being the 100th one). Additionally, although challenging, being a bartender on this day was fun, I was an assistant, and I felt like I did my best.

The sad news was the lack of critic, which I felt very down about in particular because I love when people critique my work, good or bad. Additionally, not many people arrived after the private view, certainly not when I visited the display anyway. (I reckon I came at the wrong times regrettably).

Anyhow, Please see below for images of my work on display.



This is Suburban Spirit. This was generally well received by a couple of people I spoke to. No one purchased this, though I am glad somewhat because this is a personal piece to me, so not selling it isn’t a bad thing.


And this is Know the Rules. There was more interest in this piece, and someone even approached me saying that their friend wanted to buy it. Unfortunately however, they haven’t contacted me to confirm this, so this is up for sale. If I find a suitable way of selling Know the Rules, I might indeed sell it when an opportunity comes.


The layout of the Exhibition was pretty nice overall. It was in a hall with two main floors. Framed artwork as well as canvasses were hung on screens. There were small plinths for sculptures and craft pieces as well.

Disclaimer: I did not create anything seen in this last image. Art and craft seen here were created by other members. All rights reserved.

Well, that’s it. I am glad that I at least gave it a shot with this exhibition, and I am proud to say that I am part of the weaving of history.

Bye for now! Enjoy Sunday, and best of luck for the coming week.


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