Suburban Spirit Final Piece


Argh! My goodness me I’m so shattered! Oh…and my hands feel like they’ve been in hell, but I do suffer proudly for my art…Because at last, Suburban Spirit is finished! Excuse the poor quality of the photos again.

Completed on A2 sized Bristol Board paper in mixed media…(and with my blood sweat and tears), this piece represents the sheer pride I have for my roots. This is set in an old Suburban area as the title suggests.

I am very proud of this piece not only because of the subject I’m focusing on, but how much of this came from my imagination. That’s right, this place doesn’t exist (if it does then I’m psychic…) this is from my imagination and not done from direct reference! I did still do my research though.

I did most things in detail…including the cloudy sky and the bricks. Both combined, they took me forever, but this piece just had to have my full and utter attention, and it was worth it.

The car (blurry looking because of the camera) is in the background, and I actually put the cat on the car instead of on a wall. It makes a nice personal take on the “cat on the wall” concept.

Lazfar the wolf is here beside the main man who is symbolic of someone who knows this place well as his home. It’s strange… I knew from imagination that I wanted to draw this bloke exactly the way I’ve drawn him, but yet, he does not remind me of anyone.

It just felt correct to have him be the main character. I knew this at the preliminary stages too and it works, he fits perfectly in this piece, as well as all the secondary characters do.

The text is completely hand written by myself and not traced from any font. Within the message, I changed “derelict” to “old school” because derelict can mean abandoned as well as old, so it isn’t quite the right word. The past to me was anything but abandoned.


This is Suburban Spirit in it’s frame, and I’m very impressed with it again! The glass in it is actually plastic, and the black colour of the frame rounds off my piece quite well in my opinion. I’m very happy! Everything looks class!

Exhibition update

Alright everyone. Good news and bad news.

  • The bad news is, there will be no appreciation session, therefore, no critic is going to come to critique our work… How dissappointing…
  • The good news? I’m going to be a bartender serving wine and juice at the private view! This will be on Thursday evening. Nice nice!

That’s it for the exhibition projects. Both are done and ready for display! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend, I certainly did, it was a great laugh.

Cheers! Wish me luck everyone!


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