Final Piece – Know The Rules


Hello all! Above is the outcome of “Know The Rules”, a final piece dedicated to a rather funky robin. My apologies for the horrible photo… I know It doesn’t do anything any justice.

Completed on Bristol Board paper in mixed media, this is one of two artworks to be complete for an exhibition in early November, the other being “Suburban Spirit” which isn’t finished yet.

Know The Rules framed

And this is the finished work in it’s frame. I must say I got pretty lucky with the frame… I brought my frames before completing work and this frame in my humble opinion suits the blue sky in the artwork beautifully. Prior to framing, I was very aprehensive because the sky looked too milky to me… Lucky me that the frame takes this away.

I’m quite happy overall (besides the photos) about this work, as it conveys my idea within it rather well. I would have repositioned the traced text a bit more to the right, but other than that? I feel that this is a successful piece.

But that’s my foolish opinion. What about yours, people? Feel free to leave me some comments!

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday everyone!

Disclaimer: The text was traced from a printout and slightly modified in this final piece. I downloaded two fonts from These fonts can be used freely even for commercial projects. I did not make nor do I own these fonts. Credits below.

Arizonia- regular: Copyright 2011 TypeSETit SIL Open Font Licence.

Jellybeans: Andreas Hotels. Free for commercial and personal use.


2 thoughts on “Final Piece – Know The Rules

  1. Dear God, it’s absolutely beautiful! The color, the texture the font, just everything, it’s breathtaking.

    First on the main focus, that brilliant “out of the box” robin. There’s a gleam in those eyes, I think; a confident stance as it pridefully grips to the worm, the prize (s)he’s earned for that exceptional “own path” way to be. I almost feel like it’s popping right out of the page, the lines are so crisp especially against that soft beautiful background, but more on that in a moment… You certainly achieved having this robin stand right out among the crowd, it’s remarkable (Diggin’ that classy hairdo and collar too ^ -^)

    The plumage for all the robins is awesome, you can practically feel the feathers. The texture on the branch of the tree is lovely, adds a lot of dimension to things.

    The font just absolutely speaks to you, I love the different styles within the lettering, the emphasis on “Know the rules” and “Break them” is done very tastefully. The white space doesn’t blare out either, it’s edges are softened nicely for a transition.

    I think the background is simply remarkable, the clouds are very well defined, yet soft and loose enough that you can practically feel the fresh mist of the atmosphere. I really think it helps the focus on the robins as well, being so loose, the crisp main focus can really shine.

    Overall I absolutely love it, good call on removing the rest of the suit I think, the collar and afro are just the right touch, subtle and classy. The message being conveyed is being portrayed perfectly, and I couldn’t love what this image says to the viewer more. You did fantastic work, thank you so much for sharing this! I’m utterly in love with it ^-^ Doesn’t help that the presence of birds (and that beautiful cloudy background) make me think of a particular level in the ps1 version of frogger…. I can hear that beautiful theme playing to this now… My gaming nostalgia aside!

    I hope you’re doing well, and I think this will do beautifully at the exhibition!

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    • Argh! I KNEW I forgot something! I did not make those fonts, this was traced from a printout of the sentence I made on Adobe illustrator using those fonts, but I did modify the style of the text just a tad in this piece. I have added a disclaimer at the bottom. Was meant to disclaim, but completely forgot, how terrible is that!?

      Thanks yet again for such a kind review. And thank you so much for reposting my work on your G+ and giving me so much praise! I really didn’t expect that. I’m glad that my work evokes good memories for you.

      Personally, I didn’t have any genders in mind for any of the birds, especially the 70’s robin. 70’s disco fashion was quite unisex, and gender isn’t important in this piece. Having said that, I would say it’s a bloke….but again, this isn’t important.

      I see that you still have your own view that you are not a “real artist” … I saw your message on G+. As I said previously, I disagree. I think anyone who can create anything is a real artist regardless of circumstance… (That goes for anyone reading this). Still, that’s my opinion.

      I shall leave you now. Cheers, and I wish you the best. Bye for now.


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