Beginning to get better!

Hello all. I’m still a bit ill, but I’m finally beginning to get better! I still havent been able to do much at all as I have been resting and taking strong medication, so I am now starting to run out of anything new to upload. But I came up with a small solution to this problem…

Please see the bamboo sketch below. Another sketch inspired by the oriental theme.

Bamboo sketch

Quick sketch done in chinese sumi ink on budget printer paper. It’s as simple as that.

But how long exactly did this take me to draw I hear you cry? Just look below.


That’s right. A little over 3 mins and 29 seconds. I timed myself on my mobile phone. This is the perfect excercise to do when you’re in a rush to rest.

Enjoy. See you next time.


2 thoughts on “Beginning to get better!

  1. I love these ink brush style paintings… Really hits home.

    Very simple but I think we often underappreciate such things. Odd to say, but due to the colour of the paper, and the straight black ink I feel like I’m viewing bamboo through a rice paper wall divider, which then in turn gives me the sense of looking through the wall of a dojo (Weird right?)

    In any case, the strokes are expressive and bold as always, the integrity of the subject matter is clearly here.

    Once again I’m always in shock at your completion time for sketches, even as you’re still ill at the moment.

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