Ever so sorry…

Heron pond

So sorry people, but I’ve come down with a nasty ear infection all this week and am still suffering with it. Haven’t been able to complete my dragon or do much else at all.

Above is a 5 min line and wash sketch of a heron in a pond inspired by Chinese brush painting. Poster paint on watercolour paper, I did this a few weeks ago.

Autumn always makes me ill, I don’t know why…

Bye for now best wishes.


2 thoughts on “Ever so sorry…

  1. First I would like to say that’s awful, I’m really sorry about the ear infection and hope you get better soon. I remember you mentioned often getting allergies during the autumn, I wonder what triggers it.

    As for this line and wash I really love the choice of subject. I actually had never seen a heron before today, I was curious and looked them up. Such graceful forms, birds are such a majestic class of animal…. this work is no exception. As I’ll mention again I’m a very big fan of elegant subjects such as this.

    The wash of colour is lovely, it gives of that soft warm pink glow, that you might associate with early morning. The fog effect also gives an air of mysteriousness to the painting, as you can see another heron shrouded in the veil of mist behind the main focus.

    The birds being in very different positions helps give a sense of movement among the still pond.

    For five minutes making it, I’m just always so impressed by the way you do things.

    No worries about that dragon, you take your time and finish it when you feel you’re ready. For the moment get some rest and I really do hope you’re feeling better soon. My thoughts are with you till then ^-^ Get well and have a lovely week!

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