More Chinese Doodling Fun

Two Tigers

Hello once again, I did the painting of two tigers above in Chinese ink and watercolours. It took me approximately 15 – 20mins to complete in a spontaneous style. The title of this piece is “Two Tigers”, but it has an added message I did in Simplified Chinese…

” Two Tigers sit by my bedside. Their presence is as strong as steel”.

I wrote that because this is literally by my bed. Tigers are strong in addition…as strong as steel perhaps. So this message is to give me strength. It’s also a tradition to put a message like this in a Chinese painting, so I have done so, but in my way, and from left to right and not the normal way of writing right to left.

I also put “2015 year of the goat”, as this is the year of the goat in the Chinese zodiac. Fun fact: I was born in 1991, which is again a year of the goat.


This drawing of a Chinese dragon I did on olive coloured sugar paper is unfinished, but I want to take my time with this one. I want it to be one of my more detailed good pieces. I drew this in pencil first and went over it in pen. Stay tuned to see it finished.

Thats all for now, and as usual, have a relaxing weekend!


2 thoughts on “More Chinese Doodling Fun

  1. I’m just always amazed by your work… I mean… I can’t believe that those two gorgeous tigers took you only 15 minutes to paint. And on top of that, all spontaneous!

    The stripes are bold and really define the tigers regality.

    The colour is spot on, that golden orange you would expect from these majestic animals. The texture is beautiful, I can practically feel the tufts of fur on their faces. And the little details, like the weight of two objects brushing up against each other, their shoulders resting upon one another.The very clear definition as the light brings shadow to the tigers body as it’s leg pushing up, as it’s in a lying position.

    I also very much love the difference in expression between the two, very distinct. The one on the left nearly seems to be directly looking at the viewer, much as if you just walked in on it, though still very calm about the situation, it simply gives a passive look. The other however appears to be glaring straight at the viewer, you can nearly hear the words “And for what possible reason do you intrude on us?” Hah… Though that could just be my overactive imagination again…

    As the dragon is unfinished I won’t mention quite too much about it… But I like the strong line detailing, you got the top scaling down perfect, and the underbelly has that smoother feel you would expect.

    The expression is fearsome, and it’s (aerial) stance appears that it’s on the ready to swoop into an enemy.

    All in all, I can’t wait to see it finished, It will be spectacular I’m sure! So take whatever time you need for it, an artist must have time to perfect their craft ^-^

    For the moment that seems to be about all I can say! You’re spectacular as always, never forget that! Thank you for sharing your work, it’s very cool to be able to analyze and examine, and something I look forward to. Have a great week, and goodnight!


    • Haha, well thank you for the compliments again. You’re making me blush!

      The tigers were sketched from a photo I got from a newspaper, and yes, it really did take 15-20mins to create, the key thing I used was to sketch quickly in ink first, disguise mistakes with opaque colour, and to observe the photo using my short term memory: only looking at the photo for a few seconds at a time. There are many mistakes here, but I don’t think it’s bad either.

      I’m learning the spontaneous side of Chinese brush painting, and I implemented some techniques I learned to create the two tigers.

      You may know this but in sumi painting, shapes or lines are made with the brush to create objects.

      If ever you want to gain some of the same inspiration as I have been finding, look for “Henri Li” on YouTube. He’s a really decent bloke, and the artwork he does as well as the people he meets with are amazing.

      He is based in California I think… He teaches as well as sells equipment and paintings in his online shop. I got my equipment elsewhere though.

      Yes, the dragon is on its way there and this one is going to be a more intricate piece, I hope to maybe have it finished by next week!

      I’m very happy that you look forward to seeing my work, and I love it when you review it. It’s really nice to read an opinion on my work, so cheers.

      Personally, I love your imagination, I think it’s great, and its similar to how I think too. Imagination is the food of creativity after all no?

      I hope you have a fantastic time to come too my friend. Bye for now!


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