Pesky Lesky Character Poses


Yes…I know. Technically, I’m not supposed to upload until about an hour, but… time goes slowly when you’re tired out of your skull, ay? I’ve been a bit busy as of late.

Anyway, these are a couple of poses of a street artist husky dog character I designed called (pesky) Lesky.

*Fun fact*: Before my artist name was Lazfar, it was Lesky. It was changed to Lazfar after my mates decided to playfully mock the first name…

*Tedious fact (Well what else could I put? 😛 )*: Lesky, the character, was originally designed by myself in 2006. The digital designs above were created and rebuffed using old sketches I did in 2012.

Lesky is disused, but I still keep him in my archive. He was one of my earliest fully designed characters after all.

In this updated design, I tried a double light source effect to add drama. There are a couple of subtle errors in terms of the proportion and stance of the top pose, but overall, I’m happy with it.

What do you all think? All comments welcome as usual. Hope you enjoy my work, and as always, have a great weekend. Cheers for now!

2 thoughts on “Pesky Lesky Character Poses

  1. Oh it’s brilliant.

    I’d like to lead off saying you can definitely feel the personality even at first glance. I would imagine (as would fit with his title) he’s a very mischievous sort, the type that’d nose around a bit into someone else’s buisness, though not necessarily with bad intent, he could have something to gain. The facial expression is very detailed, I feel like he’s staring someone down, a glare if you will, almost measuring them out somewhat

    The lighting is very powerful, but I think it’s fitting, gives him more definition. Which brings me to the hoodie and the baggy jeans. You really feel the weight in them, you can practically feel out the bags in the jeans, and you can see the folds in the sweater, very well done there.

    You can really see the movement in the second pose, and a curious thing I noticed after looking at it for a while, Lesky appears to be lefthanded. Perhaps not a significant detail, but it tells us something about him nonetheless, even if it was more for display purposes. You also get to see the back of his forepaw, great detailing there. And I like the way the gleam suggests that the spraypaint is about to be used.

    Overall a ton of personality here, I haven’t even been given more than his name, but I feel like the illustration is somewhat giving me a slight bio so to speak. ^-^ Love it


    • Hello again! It’s nice to see you here again. It’s been a while. Hope all is well for you. Cheers for the very thorough review.

      I must say, you’re incredibly observant with how you look at things in this context, and that in itself is a skill, especially in art. You pretty much have it to a T again.

      Lesky is what I now like to call the “pre Lazfar” era, as both characters share a few things in common. One of them is a rebellious streak. They’re both meant to be rough around the edges too, but are good at heart. You’re quite right about him being mischievous also, and that is exclusive to him.

      About him being left handed, I’ll be honest, I can’t remember if he is or if the placement of the spray can was in error…being that he is an old character that was hardly used and all that.

      Though to think again, I think he’s ambidextrous… And may even be able to use his tail. I vaguely recall designing him with the intent of him holding a spray can in one hand and a brush in another. There may be another picture of him on here I think holding just a brush. Not sure though. 😛

      He is a street artist, hence the hoodlum look. These are just two out of a few poses I designed in 2012, so I just picked these two, and digitally traced over them as it were to keep the original intended look.

      Many thanks for the compliments! Tomorrow’s the day I upload something again. Please do pop around here to see it if you like.

      I look forward to seeing your future projects.

      Until next time!


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