2 thoughts on “Brand Permanent Logo

  1. Love the color choice, it’s simple but fleshes out the logo perfectly. As usual, has your signature style to it. I wasn’t previously sure how to describe it, if I was gonna pick a word I would have said something like.. urban perhaps, reading your bio and seeing you describe it as having an underground flare it ties in. I really like it very pronounced. That wolf definitely looks determined, which suits you to a T. I can’t wait to see your new projects as they come along, with this logo at a head ^-^


    • Hello again! It is always wonderful to see your comments as always, and many thanks for writing them, my friend.

      You’ve once again hit the nail on the head with your descriptions! Yes, my trademark style, which I’ve now dubbed “Undertoon”, is consistent with being cartoon styled, but with an urban/underground twist.

      You described the wolf very accurately indeed also. Determined, strong, and it’s not afraid to stay. Another thing I did was to have it looking in the right direction…literally. 😉

      I’d be writing for a long time if I were to talk about it’s meaning in detail, what has been described is just a little part of it.

      Feel free to give feedback or ask any questions on any of my projects, and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff also.



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