Yes, my friends, this is a literal (papier mache) goldfish… so named, because I have sprayed it gold. 😉

Inspired by a creation originally made on the old 90’s children’s art programme Art Attack, this quirky fish has got a lot of bite to it. 🙂 Ouch…


It’s made with a PVA glue and water papier mache mixture, and a few pages from that old newspaper I haven’t read in years…what do you think? Feel welcome to leave a comment as usual.

Until next time. Cheers all. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Goldfish

  1. Love the gold paint, has a really nice shine to it! The shape is also unique from the ones in the show, the mouth is especially interesting, not just in the shape, but you also chose to colour the inside of the mouth rather than paint it black.

    Seems like you really had fun doing it. I look forward to future posts ^-^


    • Many thanks for your comment. Glad you enjoy my work, and don’t forget, you can achieve anything you want. My best wishes for all your future projects…and likewise, I look forward to seeing your future work. Cheers!


      • I have been looking for the original episode where he made this fish as I remember making them when I was little with my grandad do you know what episode it is ? Or do you know what the name was he called those fish in the episode ? I remember he made tanks too .

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      • Hello Charlotte!

        Firstly, a massive thanks for your comment.

        I don’t precisely know the actual episode this project featured in…but I do know how you can watch the fish part again! Search for Jimmy Sapphire on YouTube, he has a playlist of Art Attack VHS tapes.

        I saw this project (known as vicious fish) on the “Art Attack most wanted VHS (1996)”, search for that. Art attack with Neil Buchanan is so class! It’s part of my childhood and its great to see you enjoyed it too!

        Best of luck. Cheers mate!

        – Lazfar


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