What’s this I wonder? (Art)

A question for all of you. What has this:

Design front

And this:

Design Back


Have to do with each other? (aside from the colours…) Answer?



Bag Design Back

They’re both designs I have drawn on my bag! The first photo is of the front, the bottom image is of the back.

Middle Bag Design

This design is in the middle after you lift the front of the bag up. I wouldn’t count it as being finished yet…as you can see it is slightly bare, but I ran out of blue fabric pen ink. 😛

I don’t normally consider pink as a colour that I agree with. However, in my opinion, the luminescence of this colour works really well in this design, contrasted with the purple and navy blue tones.

If I’m able to get more fabric pens, I’ll finish off the middle part off and post it here. Cheers for now all, see you next weekend. 🙂

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