Lazfar Merry Christmas Fools

Hello Everyone!!! Wow it’s been a long time! I am sorry for not being here for such a long time!! 🙂 I’ve just been working so long on my designs, so I haven’t been able to post anything here!

…Alright, so it isn’t exactly Christmas day yet, (& to be honest I’m not a big fan of the Christmas season anyway), but I just thought I should wish everyone a massive season’s greetings! Merry Christmas, people!

As for what is happening now? Well, I have finally completed the book cover design, (& I shall post it here as soon as it is published! :D) there is still work to do on the Toy Lazfar level illustrations, & there has also been an official request for me to complete another Amy Winehouse sketch! Right now, anything can happen! 😀

But right now, I am going to take a small break from all this pain-staking work! I wish you all the best! Bye for now! 😀

Hello & Merry Christmas!

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