Texture attribution & Current work

Hello everyone! I just wanted to state a few things.

First of all, I use a digital program called GIMP. & yes, I am very proud that I use it.

Secondly, in my more recent digital work , I have begun using textures & even new brushes. I’ve obtained the textures I currently use from two separate websites. I’ll cite both sites now:

The first site I’ve used textures from is texturemate.com.  A huge thanks to them! 😀  & the second is lostandtaken.com.  A huge thanks to them too!! 😀

The textures I use are attributed to those two websites. & without them my life would be a lot harder!


I am still working on my side project & I am developing my ideas for it. Soon, you will all know what it is. Additionally,  I am contemplating whether or not to have a category on my blog specifically for my rough samples & designs.

If I do, it means that I would post rough sketches that I have done. That way, you can see how my ideas take shape & form in the most preliminary stages of my projects! You may gain inspiration from this if I do post them, but as with all my other work, please don’t use them yourself.

& that is all! Sorry for the long post! Bye now! 🙂


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