The rebel becomes an outcast!

Hello everyone! A question for my earliest audience, Do you remember this?

For the rest of you, it’s my “Rebel with a cause” illustration featuring Lazfar. I promised all of you that I would make a digital version of this fine art example. & AT LONG LAST, I created this:

So I decided to change the text from, “Rebel with a cause”, to “Outcast with a cause” in this digital example. The reason being is because I have seen so many examples of the slogan “Rebel with a cause” on other illustration designs. I want a slogan that reflects my underground persona, but I don’t want to be a complete rag & copy other phrases.

So fair enough, the word “outcast” isn’t a unique word, but the phrase “outcast with a cause”, is original, so I have preserved everything by using a more original phrase – from now on, I am an outcast, not a rebel.

Underground turn-coating at it’s best! Please feel free to comment on this! 🙂


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